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V Shaped Bean Bag For Pregnancy, Nursing And Beyond
Maternity V Shaped Cushion For Support
Once a pregnant woman gets her hands on this V Shaped Maternity Cushion Beanbag, she'll never want to give it up. And nor should she because it doesn't just come in handy for supporting your bump, it'll be of use long into the future too.

The cushion is filled with 'baby beans' that carefully mould and shape to every contour, ensuring comfort and support for mums to be.

Many women suffer from aching backs during pregnancy. The 'V' Pillow can be placed behind the lower back to give it support - giving immediate relief and preventing the back from getting worse.

The pillow is perfect for daytime use and for night time too. Many mums-to-be struggle to find a comfortable, supportive position for them and their bump. The pillow can be moulded around the body and used as a support to lean on.

Once the baby is born, the cushion can either be used to support the back or can be placed on the lap to help support baby in an ideal feeding position.

And as junior grows it can also be used to provide support for him / her as they learn to sit up.

The Bean Bag V Cushion is covered in super soft baby fleece which is removable and washable and has a concealed zip opening. It comes in three nursery friendly colours - 'Snuggly Pink', 'Snuggly Blue ' and 'Snuggly White'.

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